_MG_5540-EditI recently had the worst back pain of my life for three weeks  and couldn’t stand up straight for a few of those days. I have had lower back and disc problems since my late  twenties but this was by far the worst I have ever experienced! Deborah Holubec M.D. is one of my clients, she was concerned and sent me to get an MRI. When she looked at my MRI, she saw three large bulging discs. I’m a back surgeons dream but no surgery for me. Dr. Holubec is able to inject into those discs and in some cases the discs will go back to normal permanently.  I know a lot of people who are in a lot of pain but have never gone to a pain management doctor. I want to tell you not all pain management doctors are the same, you have to be careful. Dr. Holubec has been in pain management for many years and really knows what so many other pain management doctors don’t in my opinion. I love that she does injections in to the discs, neck and back, not just giving out pain medication. I hate pain medication and will always choose being injected. Thank you Dr. Holubec! If you or someone you know is in a lot of pain please contact Deborah Holubec M.D. 214-509-9691 www.paincare.com.