Top 10 list to boost your immune system


Vitamin C



8 hours of sleep a night


Cucumber, lemon and lime

No sugar



1 hour of quiet time a day


At 18 years old I was in the Army in Iraq and exposed to chemicals from a scud missile that hit us.  My body has never been the same and have had a hard time with many chemicals to include medicine and anything none food based.  I have had many allergic reactions and noticed it took my body a lot longer to recover from things.  I had to find ways to build my immune system and what chemicals my body could deal with and what I have to stay away from.  I work closely with my Internal Medicine doctor and my natural doctor and together they have found ways to help me.  One thing I have leaned is to build my immune system so I don’t sick in the fist place.  The list of the top ten things I do is above.  I have been doing this for over ten years and while people get colds and the flu all around me to include my family, I don’t normally get sick.  Matter of fact I have only received the flu shot one time in my life at now 49 and that was the only time I actually got the flu.  I believe we should responsible for our own health  because we know our body better than anyone else.  Do the research, test your body, seek healthcare and do what is right for you! Your health is everything.  At 49 years old I run circles around 20 year olds and feel great! Jennifer Sheehan