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Jennifer Sheehan

Motivational Speaker

“Jennifer Sheehan-Elsaesser is a Speaker, Author, TV Show Host (Jennifer Sheehan Show on CW33), Entrepreneur, Magazine Publisher and Army Veteran, having served one year in Iraq. She went from prom princess in high school to being in Iraq in the middle of a war. She believes she became a soldier in the Army to now become a soldier in God’s Army.”

A motivational speaker is a business professional who delivers speeches designed to motivate and motivate the audience. If you want to be a successful motivational speaker, you will not automatically achieve this goal overnight. As a motivational speaker I have years of experience when it comes to the ups and downs of business development. Knowledgable in my craft, I provide confidence and wisdom on delivering impactful messages to any captivated audience.

I always put God first and with him, failure is not an option. In my webinars, you will learn how to build your favorite career and benefits from it.

Along with delivering impactful advice I always want to provide an audience with a realistic call to action. Together, we can all strive higher to achieve our individual success and create an everlasting legacy.

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Real Stories. Real People.


While watching The Jennifer Sheehan Television Show I was moved by her guest, Jason Cole. He had a powerful story of redemption. I reached out to Jason, prayed to receive Jesus and got baptized by him. This show changed my life!

Nick Agustine

Son murdered

My 17 year old son was murdered on Christmas eve. I was in a bad place. I purchased a gun each day, went to the lake and held it to my head to end my life. Each day I threw the gun in the lake. After over 50 guns, I sought out professional help. I went on The Jennifer Sheehan Television Show to share my story. On filming day, after we told our story, God got ahold of my heart and, right there on set, I prayed to receive Jesus as my Lord and savior. This show is giving people HOPE in Jesus.

Bill Adkins

Left in a pool of blood to die

At the age of two, raised by my sister without parents, my birth father threw me against a metal sheet while slicing my stomach open, leaving me for dead in a pool of blood. Though my father abandoned me, my true heavenly father, God, did not.

Katie Singleton