Friends, I need your help!!!

Jeffrey Osborne, D.D.S. and a team of both dentists and missionaries are going to Africa on a medical mission trip for the first two weeks in October. They need to raise money to buy both medical equipment and supplies. We have 45 days to raise the money. They are going out to remote villages where they do not have access to a dentist. These people in Africa are so grateful for ANYTHING and really need our help. Most of all, they need the hope of Jesus Christ.

Not all of us can go on mission trips around the world, but we can support those who can and are willing to go. I’m asking all my friends to give what you can, $20, $100 or even more. 100% of your donations will go to this mission and it is also a tax right off.


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  • Next, type in Jeffrey Osborne DDS Africa Mission trip
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Barry Wood Ministries desire is to help fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord in this generation. Through any and all scriptural means, we will go, win, disciple, and train people until Christ returns.

Our goal with each volunteer mission is to train the indigenous workers and witness and equip them to do evangelism after we return home. This model is Africans reaching Africans- not Americans preaching to Africans, then leaving with little or no support for follow up. We invite you to join us as we train and support the work of the indigenous African pastors and people.

We greatly appreciate your prayers. I’m so excited to be a part of this; I hope you will help us!!! May God bless you.

Dr. Osborne on the last mission trip below

dr oz