294My 12 year old son went through a traumatic experience when he was only 2 years old! Jared was at a learning center and while running another little 2 Year old pushed him and he went flying face first (or I should say tooth first) into the concrete!!! I found out who the little boy was many years later and shared with his mom (who is still my friend and might read this lol) laughing because a 2 year old should not be held responsible!!! Jared broke one of his front teeth in three places and when I got there he was still screaming. I was so freaked out and took him to the closest children’s dentist I could, they put him in a papoose and broke the whole tooth off. A few months later his gum near the tooth turned purple so I had to take him back and get the tooth and root pulled out. My poor son HATES the dentist and so would you if you had to go through all that!!!! I then picked the sweetest dentist with little kids I could find and she babied him all these years lol!!! His dentist just moved her practice far away and I was a little worried about taking my son to a new dentist but decided to take him to Jeffrey Osborne DDS. I had been going and my picky husband loved him so I took Jared. I told Dr. Osborne the whole story, took Jared in a few weeks ago and he had a GREAT experience!!! Dr. Osborne is so nice, caring and most of all gentle. My son really likes Dr. Osborne as you can see in the picture, they bonded ha!!! It is so hard to find a dentist that is good at general dentistry and good at cosmetic, I find that most are only good at one until I met Dr. Osborne. I don’t know about you but I want both!!!!! I think teeth and a healthy mouth are really important but we all want to look good !!! ¬†Please see all the services Dr. Osborne offers and meet the staff at – Jeffrey Osborne DDS 972-335-9313. www.legacyranchdental.com