Small business was hit hard by Covid19 and in order to survive will have to pivot! The days of opening a store and people just walking in are over, the business owner’s that are willing to go out and get the business will be the ones who will survive!!!  I have had my advertising and marketing business for over 18 years and seen many small businesses go out of business because they aren’t willing to do what it takes. Here are some tips for small business owner’s.

  1. Connect with other business owner’s 
  2. Trade with other business owner’s
  3. Relationships, get out in the community
  4. Advertiser to the community 
  5. Specials, sales, event’s and partnerships 
  6. Go out and get the business, don’t sit in your store and think it will come to you
  7. Know your target audience and stay in front of them
  8. Spend the money on advertising even if you have to take out a loan to do it
  9. Put a strategic plan together to make this happen
  10. Take ACTION