I’m so excited right now because my teeth are so BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE to smile and have always wanted beautiful teeth. Veneers were not of interest to me because I would have to cut my teeth, long process, shots to numb and could never take them off if I changed my mind.

Jennifer Sheehan Before-AfterThen came along Lumineers, thin contact lens that covers the tooth with no shots, no cutting the teeth, can be taken off if I choose, done in a few hours, no pain and best off all they look natural.

I do not believe all dentists can do this, Jeffrey Osborne DDS is an artist!!! I had the opportunity to do this for free many years ago but I did not trust the dentist. My teeth are not something I want ruined, they are a big deal to me. I have seen some people who have had their teeth done that  look fake and bulky. All cosmetic dentists are NOT the same.

On the first visit: Dr. Osborne shaped my teeth and took molds lasting less than an hour (no shots or pain). Second visit: buffed teeth, put on Lumineers and flossed in about an hour (no shots no pain). Oh my gosh I’m shocked at how fast and painless the procedure was. If you want a great cosmetic dentist who truly cares about your teeth, go visit Jeffrey Osborne DDS.

Thank you so much Dr. Osborne for giving me the smile of my dreams with no pain, you are truly an amazing cosmetic dentist!!!!

Legacy Ranch Dental
Jeffrey Osborne DDS