I did a survey asking 10 neighborhoods in Frisco (around Shaddock Creek Estates) who built their pools,  what their experience was and most importantly what the quality of the work was like. Nothing is more important than quality because it will cost you so much money if it is not done right, I have already been through that with a house that had a pre-existing pool. Frisco is known to have bad soil and after only 6 months in my new house in Frisco I can see a lot of movement. I do not want to invest this much money and have costly problems. I was surprised at how many responded, over 50 between our community website  and text. Gold Medal Pools was the only pool company no one had any issues with and everyone who built with Gold Medal Pools was so happy with not only the whole process, but the quality and the service after the pool was built. I’m sold and am now having Gold Medal Pools building our pool and Outdoor Living area (Pool, Covered Porch, Fireplace, Fence and Flagstone covering the whole back yard)!!!! Who wants to come to my pool party when they are done???? Anyone to include realtors & Mortgage companies that contact me for the CODE will receive $1,000 OFF the price of building their pool and outdoor living area!!!